Office Space – Coworkers on the Phone

Most people who choose to work for someone else (not for themselves) will end up having to share office space with coworkers some time in their lives.  Many offices boast an “open concept” space, which is just a fancy term for a big empty space with cubicle walls.  Even grad students who choose to delay … Continue reading


I finally convocated! The ceremony was a total bore, but there was one interesting thing about it…my degree was awol.  I did the whole kneel, get hooded, get degree, take a pic.  I got back to my seat, and opened my degree folder to find…a blank piece of paper with my name written in Times … Continue reading

Orientation Day

Whatever happened to the good old days of orientation week? I attended U of T’s graduate orientation yesterday.  Unsurprisingly, it was just a set of information sessions, and no team-building exercises.  I collected brochures and listened to people talk about getting involved and knowing when to get counselling…boring.  I’m one of those people who can’t … Continue reading

A Web of Red Tape

I have never been so stressed out about school while I wasn’t in school before. I am finishing up my undergrad at UW in the next month, while starting as a grad at U of T in a week.  I was offered a conditional acceptance where the conditions were: graduate, and maintain a 75% average.  … Continue reading

My Final Final Exam

I wrote my final final exam today.  I can’t believe I’m done! I’m not feeling particularly free, or happy, it’s just a realization that my undergraduate career is practically over.  Officially, it’s not over until the fat lady sings at the end of convocation, but the educational part is over. In only three weeks, I’ll … Continue reading

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