No, I have not had plastic surgery

The past year has been a little interesting for me.  I sort of underwent a makeover year, where I dropped a noticeable chunk of weight, and was strongly encouraged by my mother to start dressing for my age.  I got a little better with my makeup, and of course, people noticed.  I didn’t really get … Continue reading

The importance of speaking Korean

I have always been considered an excellent Korean-speaker for someone who came to Canada at the age of 5.  I never really knew what it was about me that kept me quasi-abreast of the language, even as my peers’ Korean got worse as we got older. I think my mother would credit my Korean as … Continue reading

Oh, those unethical Koreans

Ever since I’ve begun working as a graduate teaching assistant, I have been privy to some scandalous stories of students taking part in all sorts of academic dishonesty.  Some of it just blows my mind; the infractions are types that I would never have thought of! The reason for the seemingly-racist title is that…well, a … Continue reading

Chinese People Who Say We’re “All the Same”

As a Korean Canadian who immigrated in 1989, I’ve been hearing “are you Chinese?” my whole life.  It used to bother me a lot when I was growing up, because I was appalled by the assumption of the masses.  However, recently I have calmed down a lot in this respect, as I’ve realized that statistically, … Continue reading

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