The one side effect of laser eye surgery

Wow, it’s already been 5 months since I had my laser eye surgery.  Unfortunately, I was wearing extended-wear contacts for 5 years before that, so my lifestyle hasn’t changed at all.  I would say that the surgery was a total success, I don’t even experience that starburst effect that everyone complains about. The one major … Continue reading

PRK – One Month Later

I can see! I recently went to the optometrist for my one-month checkup to see where my eyes were at.  He told me that I read all but one of the 20/20 line correctly, so I guess my vision is close enough to corrected. Practically, I’m no longer frustrated, and I feel like I can … Continue reading

PRK – Third Optometrist Visit

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I got my laser eye surgery, and I’m back to my daily lifestyle. I did some casual research online, and I’ve found that many people went through the same anxiety when their eyes didn’t go back to normal after a week.  Turns out that it can take up to … Continue reading

PRK – One week later

It has been one week and one day since I had my laser eye surgery, and I still can’t see. The first few days were awful as expected.  There was a little pain, but nothing I couldn’t bear.  I slept a lot because my eyes kept closing.  But each morning, as I opened my eyes, … Continue reading

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