Why I Love, Love, Love Laywine’s Pens & Organizers

Though I’ve been using fountain pens nearly exclusively for about 4 years, there’s no doubt that they aren’t the most practical pen for some uses.  For example, writing on duplicate paper, where you need to push hard.  Or cheques, where permanence matters.  So I thought it was time for me to purchase a non-fountain pen. … Continue reading

Bare Escentuals Refillable Buffing Brush

  I was never a huge makeup guru, but when I started wearing makeup regularly, it was with mineral loose powder makeup. Of course it’s a huge pain to travel with, so every time I saw the mineral makeup dispensing brushes, I was tempted to purchase it.  I finally gave one a try, and I … Continue reading

Baldwin Palace: Food Poisoning!

I reviewed this restaurant on Urban Spoon, and they deleted my post, so here’s my last ditch attempt to warn the public.  Don’t eat at Baldwin Palace! I went there on Saturday to have some Cantonese Chow Mein, and I struggled with food poisoning for a week. I know it was from Baldwin Palace, because … Continue reading

Marché: Yummy, Expensive, Awful Service

I’d been hearing about the return of Mövenpick, so this weekend, I took the opportunity to visit the restaurant.  Honestly, I never visited Marché while it was in Toronto, and I only visited Richtree once a few weeks ago.  Despite all the reviews declaring the superiority of Marché over Richtree in terms of freshness and … Continue reading

Rhodia Clairefontaine

I ran into Rhodia paper at Laywines, my favourite Stationery store.  I always wondered what the tower of orange pads of paper were really selling, so I asked for some information. OH. MY. GOD. Rhodia paper offers the smoothest writing experience ever.  I don’t know what it’s made of, or any of the specs, but … Continue reading

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