For the commuter students who are affected by the operating engineers’ strike

The operating engineers at U of T have been on strike for a week now.  They’re the ones taking care of the heating and air conditioning in the buildings, but my office is always the wrong temperature, so I can’t really feel the effects of their work not being done. I would normally completely ignore … Continue reading


Damn it! CAW local 2003 is on strike, and it’s annoying as hell. They’re the operating engineers of U of T, and they’re blocking all the driveways to parking lots at school. I’ve never seen a picket before, so I don’t know what they’re for. What are they trying to achieve by creating traffic problems … Continue reading

York U Strike – More Thoughts

I have been listening casually to the radio and have formed an uninformed opinion. This is my disclaimer. I am curious to know what the York U contract staff and TA/RAs get paid per hour.  The CUPE site claims that the staff are being paid below the poverty line, but they don’t state the hourly … Continue reading

York U – Victims of strike after strike

It seems that York University students just can’t get a break from all the job actions in the GTA. York U’s contract staff, teaching and research assistants went on strike starting midnight Nov 6, 2008.  I don’t know why, but all undergrad classes have been cancelled because of the strike.  Wilfrid Laurier University had a … Continue reading

Viva Forever

As Earth-friendly York Region commuters will tell you, the Viva bus strike has been going on forever. Well, it has certainly gone on longer than Toronto would ever let TTC go. It has been one week since the bus drivers went on strike, with something like 12 hours notice.  Of course there’s a reason Viva’s … Continue reading

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