My battle for sadism

I’ve found that being a teaching assistant forces me to take a firm stand on sadism.  My professor mandated pop quizzes in tutorials, perhaps to enforce attendance.  The pop quizzes were not supposed to be difficult, but just reward the students for attending.  I have a whole course worth of pop quizzes prepared, and they’re … Continue reading

A Nice Way to Start a Day

I got this wonderful email (slightly modded for privacy) from a student in my tutorial. Hi Janet, I was in your Tutorial for MIE123 and I  just wanted to say thanks because tutorial was really helpful, probably one of the most helpful tutorials I’ve had since I’ve been here at U of T. I know … Continue reading

Postsecondary Thoughts

The other day, I asked one of my students what they wanted to do when they “grew up.” He answered “I want to have a well-paying job.” I thought it was a brilliantly honest answer for a 12-year-old, as most kids that age would name some concrete profession like doctor, lawyer, vet, teacher, etc. He … Continue reading

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