Get Your Bluetooth On

The act that will ban people from using cell phones while driving has passed its 3rd reading.  The authorities expect the act will come into force as early as this fall.  I’m betting that bluetooths will experience a price hike and maybe a demand-supply issue.  Go get your bluetooth on.  Make it a habit before … Continue reading

Toronto’s White Night

This weekend was Nuit Blanche, sponsored by Scotiabank.  I went out with my friend, with big hopes for an exciting night of fantastic art.  I’m sure there will be plenty of thoughts and opinions on the art on the net by now.  I have no thoughts on the art, because I’m a self-proclaimed art…idiot.  I … Continue reading

Viva Forever

As Earth-friendly York Region commuters will tell you, the Viva bus strike has been going on forever. Well, it has certainly gone on longer than Toronto would ever let TTC go. It has been one week since the bus drivers went on strike, with something like 12 hours notice.  Of course there’s a reason Viva’s … Continue reading

Parking Woes of a Torontonian

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has decided to remove the parking feature from its all-you-can-ride Metropass. In many ways, Toronto exhibits the weaknesses of an old city that grew rapidly, into the vast empty land surrounding it.  It’s surrounded by sprawling suburbs, and it’s nearly impossible to live in the GTA without a car.  Since … Continue reading

How would you like your intersection? Scrambled, please.

Yonge and Dundas debuted as Toronto’s first scrambled intersection today.  In a nutshell, traffic comes to a stop in all directions, and pedestrians go nuts for 30 seconds, going any which way, including diagonally. I first saw these in Montreal and as a driver, I was pretty annoyed.  Especially for someone who values efficiency, I … Continue reading

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