Forced attendance

As a reclassified PhD student, I’m considered a “new” student, and I must attend at least 70% of some seminar series that my department puts on. I don’t really understand the purpose of the seminar series; I get the feeling that it’s just to make the department look active and important.  Whatever, do your thing.  … Continue reading

I’m moving to rapist alley

Our lab is being relocated to the Bahen Centre in May.  In the mean time, they need to renovate our current offices for the next users, so we’re being moved to 256 McCaul, otherwise known as rapist alley. Well, that’s not true, it’s just what I call it. 256 McCaul is a building located just … Continue reading

For the commuter students who are affected by the operating engineers’ strike

The operating engineers at U of T have been on strike for a week now.  They’re the ones taking care of the heating and air conditioning in the buildings, but my office is always the wrong temperature, so I can’t really feel the effects of their work not being done. I would normally completely ignore … Continue reading


Damn it! CAW local 2003 is on strike, and it’s annoying as hell. They’re the operating engineers of U of T, and they’re blocking all the driveways to parking lots at school. I’ve never seen a picket before, so I don’t know what they’re for. What are they trying to achieve by creating traffic problems … Continue reading

A Nice Way to Start a Day

I got this wonderful email (slightly modded for privacy) from a student in my tutorial. Hi Janet, I was in your Tutorial for MIE123 and I  just wanted to say thanks because tutorial was really helpful, probably one of the most helpful tutorials I’ve had since I’ve been here at U of T. I know … Continue reading

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